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Florida's Medical Marijuana Use Registry - Updates

Attention Patients and Physicians: As of August 27, 2020, Edibles as a route of administration is now available in the Registry. See the full Edibles Rule here.

Physicians: For help adding Edibles to your patients' orders, see our guide to adding Edibles.

COVID-19 Update:

Emergency Order 20-002 was enacted to temporarily allow qualified physicians to use telemedicine only if they are re-certifying a patient who has an existing certification issued by the qualified phys


Emergency Order 20-011 was enacted to extend Emergency Order 20-002 until the expiration of Executive Order 20-52.

Please visit our Covid-19 History page to view a complete history of the Emergency and Executive Orders relevant to the OMMU

For more informat

ion, visit the Department of Health’s COVID-19 Response Website

Other Important Information:

Visit Florida's Official Source for Responsible Use at:

Call our helpline at (800) 808-9580

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